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Quality of Life Assessment comparison between APBI and WBI in Breast Conserving surgery – A Single Institute Experience

Introduction/ Background: With proper case selection, Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) with Interstitial Brachytherapy has been an effective treatment modality and has been found to be non-inferior to whole breast irradiation (WBI) in terms of local control and overall survival. In our study, we present the results of quality of life assessment comparison between APBI and WBI in early breast cancer.

Methods: Among the properly selected cases for APBI, the group was retrospectively compared with patients where similar indications for APBI persisted but refused the procedure. Quality of life assessment was done with EORTC-QLQ-C30 and BR23 questionnaires. The questionnaires were assessed at baseline, immediately after completion of radiotherapy, and during 3 monthly follow up. There were 24 patients who were treated with APBI and 26 patients treated with WBI followed by tumor bed boost.

Results: Between August 2015 and June 2017, 50 patients were assessed. Ipsilateral local recurrence was considered as the primary end point and none of the patients achieved the same. The response to the questionnaire at the three phases of assessment was 100%. The results present the 2 year follow up evaluation of quality of life assessment in both groups. Global health status was found to be similar in both groups at baseline and at 2-year follow-up. Physical, Role and Cognitive functioning were also found to be similar. The significant difference was found to be in relation to Body image (difference of mean 12.8) and Breast Symptom function (difference of mena 13.8) in favor of APBI at 3 month follow up and non-statistical significant difference in systemic therapy side effects favoring APBI (difference of mean 8.1).

Conclusion: Multi catheter Interstitial APBI with proper case selection in early breast cancer after breast conserving surgery, form a non-inferior treatment option with regards to local control and survival and is logistically simpler with few factors of improved quality of life.

Keywords: APBI, WBI, Breast Cancer


Dr Vibhay Pareek Senior Resident, National Cancer Institute, AIIMS, India

Senior Resident, NCI, AIIMS

Dr Rajendra Bhalavat Head of Department, Jupiter Lifelines Hospital, India

Head of Department, Jupiter Lifelines Hospital

Dr Manish Chandra Senior Consultant, Jupiter Lifelines Hospital, India

Senior Consultant, Jupiter Lifelines Hospital