Australasian Brachytherapy Group

30th Annual
Scientific Meeting

25 - 27 February 2021
A Virtual Event

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Preliminary Program

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Thursday 25 February 2021
8:30 am

Varian Brachytherapy Forum

Dr Surpriya Chopra
Nastik Bhandari
Carol Johnson
Khadiga Mohammed
Wendy Phillips
John Lawson
Robyn Cheuk
Yvette Wilbur
Shaun Graydon
Shelley Pearson

11:30 am


1:00 pm

9th Elekta Brachytherapy User Group Meeting
“Expanding your clinical capabilities with Elekta”

Shaun Seery
Kirsten Bell
Maarten Ter Mors
Marjolein Idzes
Elena Dizendorf
Corinne Blight
Sylvia Hanna
Nicola Oliver
Yaw Chin

4:00 pm


5:30 pm

Welcome & Opening Address
Gynae Session

Kari Tanderup, Aarhus – Evidence based dose constraints in cervix brachytherapy
Remi Nout, Rotterdam – Patient reported outcomes & late morbidity in gynae brachytherapy

6:30 pm

Welcome Reception – Speed Meet & Greet
Head over to the lounge to join our speed networking meet & greet. Take a seat at the ‘Meet a Speaker’ tables to continue the discussion with our speakers.

7:00 pm

Head & Neck Session
Angeles Rovirosa
, Hospital Clinic Barcelona – Brachytherapy in oesophageal cancer: State of the art


Clinical outcomes and Toxicity profile with IMRT or Brachytherapy boost in oropharyngeal malignancies: A Randomized, open label study
Paper – Vibhay Pareek, Senior Resident National Cancer Institute, AIIMS


Re-irradiation and brachytherapy boost for recurrent tongue cancer
Rapid – Eric Fong, Radiation Oncology Registrar Prince of Wales Hospital

Friday 26 February 2021
7:30 am8:00 am

Elekta Wellness Session

Corinne Blight, Limitless Fitness & Nutrition


8:30 am

Skin Session

Phillip Devlin, Boston – Surface Moulds & 3D Printed Applicators


High Dose Rate Brachytherapy in cancer of the lower eyelid: A case report.
Paper – Soo Min Heng, Medical Physics Specialist Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital


Using surface brachytherapy to treat circumferential progression of mycosis fungoides of both forearms, feasibility and technical considerations.
Paper – Angelo Tzovaras, Brachytherapist Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


5 minute Elekta Wellness Session – Corinne Blight, Limitless Fitness & Nutrition


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10:00 am


10:30 am

Interventional Session

Mitchell Kamrava, Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – Image guided brachytherapy with interventional radiology – liver, pancreas and other challenging sites


A real-time dosimeter for DaRT Cancer Treatment.
Paper – Fang-Yi Su, PhD candidate Centre for Medical and Radiation Physics


A finite-volume approach to simulate the diffusion and decay of alpha-emitters for DaRT brachytherapy.
Rapid – Patrick Chevé, Graduate student Université de Montréal

11:30 am


12:00 pm

Breast Session

Phillip Devlin, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – Breast Brachytherapy


Accelerated partial breast irradiation with HDR brachytherapy in elderly breast cancer patients.
Paper – Piotr Lelek, Doctor Narodowy Instytut Onkologii Państwowy Instytut Badawczy


Quality of Life Assessment comparison between APBI and WBI in Breast Conserving surgery – A Single Institute Experience
Paper – Vibhay Pareek, Senior Resident National Cancer Institute, AIIMS

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

How did I end up here

Cath Beaufort, Alfred Health

2:30 pm

Annual General Meeting of the Australasian Brachytherapy Group

All members welcome

3:00 pm


6:00 pm

Paediatric Session

Cyrus Chargari, Paris, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus – Paediatric brachytherapy


High Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Bladder Neck Paediatric Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS): Overcome the Challenges
Rapid – Gemma Busuttil, Radiation Therapist Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead


Brachytherapy vs Protons for Paediatric patient with Pelvic Cancer
Paper – Emma Sullivan – Medical Physics Specialist Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead


5 minute Elekta Wellness Session – Corinne Blight, Limitless Fitness & Nutrition


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7:00 pm

The Great Debate – Brachy vs Protons

Team Brachy lead by Peter Hoskin, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre & The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Team Protons lead by Hien Le, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Saturday 27 February 2021
7:30 am

Prostate Session

Roberto Alonzi, London – Advances in radiobiology for prostate brachytherapy
Phillip Devlin, Boston – Prostate brachytherapy as monotherapy


Real Time Single Fraction HDR Prostate Brachytherapy Boost Dose Monitoring
Paper – Dean Cutajar, Lecturer University of Wollongong


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9:00 am

Cervix Proffered Papers

A phase III randomised trial of trans-abdominal ultrasound in improving application quality and dosimetry of intra-cavitary brachytherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer.
Paper – Mansi Barthwal, Senior Resident National Cancer Institute, AIIMS


MRI guided cervical cancer brachytherapy using the Venezia applicator: a dosimetric comparison of combined intracavitary and interstitial versus intracavitary alone for first fraction.
Paper – Nicola Oliver, Deputy Charge Radiation Therapist Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre


Impact of Combined Interstitial and Intracavitary Brachytherapy in locally advanced Cervical cancer: A Survival and toxicity profile assessment
Paper – Vibhay Pareek, Senior Resident National Cancer Institute, AIIMS


Vaginal dose de-escalation in cervix brachytherapy
Rapid – Lisa Hallett, Principal Clinical Scientist Christie NHS FT


Transition to MR based planning for cervical HDR brachytherapy: The Townsville Experience
Rapid – Linda Marsh, Medical Physicist Townsville Cancer Centre


A review of organ at risk contour and dose changes over multiple fractions delivered in a single insertion for high dose rate cervix brachytherapy
Rapid – Gemma Busuttil, Radiation Therapist Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre, Westmead


10:00 am


10:30 am

Physics Session

Luc Beaulieu, Quebec, Laval University Cancer Research Center – Real time verification

Inter-departmental dependence of in-vivo source tracking error thresholds for HDR prostate brachytherapy.
Paper – Joel Poder, Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist St George Hospital Cancer Care Centre


Measurement based patient specific quality assurance in brachytherapy: a proof of concept.
Paper – Rachael Wilks, Senior Medical Physicist RBWH


Adaptation of the Mick split-ring applicator for combined IC/IS GYN brachytherapy using 3D-printing.
Rapid – Marie-Ève Roy, Undergraduate Student Polytechnique Montréal


Design and fabrication of a 3D printed brachytherapy jig for in-air source strength calibration with a Farmer chamber.
Rapid – Emily Simpson-Page, ROMP Registrar Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital


A Preliminary Investigation in Applying TG100 Risk Analysis Methodology to Gynaecological HDR Brachytherapy
Rapid – Li Ting Chan, Radiation Physicist National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

12:30 pm


3:30 pm

Gynae Session

Umesh Mahantshetty, Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai – Image guided interstitial brachytherapy for vaginal malignancies


Intra-cavitary (IC) vault brachytherapy: Initial testing of a new IC software module for clinical application of 3D printed vaginal moulds in gynaecologic cancer
Paper – Florence Ko, Radiation Therapist Royal North Shore Hospital


Music Therapy to alleviate anxiety in Cervical Brachytherapy – Do we change a tune? A Randomized, Single institute study
Paper – Mansi Barthwal, Senior Resident National Cancer Institute, AIIMS


5:00 pm


6:00 pm

Advanced Imaging Session

Jamema Swamidas, Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai – Deformable image registration in brachytherapy
Kari Tanderup, Aarhus University Hospital – MRI for cervical cancer


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7:00 pm

Closing Address
Andrej Bece
, Chair Australasian Brachytherapy Group


Film Festival Screening

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